Meghan Whitney Photography | About
"The best way to extract beauty from the barren is by believing in it more than studying it. Maybe that's why Meghan's most fruitful photo shoots are weddings. She understands LOVE, believes in it. In fact, her biggest fan & rival is her husband of 16 years, photographer Jim Whitney...maybe that's why Meghan is best known for her naturalistic, feel-good portraiture.

There are many fine photographers that occupy a certain level of emotional distance from their subjects, distilling all of their technical training into crafting each image with automaton perfection & scientific detachment.

But that aint MEGHAN WHITNEY...

Meghan is able to create visceral art with her photography because she has an intimate connection with her subjects, her setting & her camera." -Matt Pruett, Eastern Surf Magazine Editor at Large

Meghan Whitney's been published in Surfer Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Transworld Surf Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Surf Carolina Magazine, LineUp Magazine, Making Waves Magazine,, &